Solutions to connect objects, individuals and services

Connect your customers

Connected objects

Connected objects are those electrical or electronic devices that can communicate, and sometimes even act.

They can be a curtain or garage motor, switches, electrical sockets, detectors of all kinds such as temperature, and form with the solution an ecosystem; your ecosystem.


The area of automation is today. Garage doors open when you arrive, the heater turns off when you leave, and the water supply turns off when leaks are detected.

A solution for connected objects is a central platform capable of distributing information, but also able to control them autonomously. It is also an interface to allow users to take control.

To summarize, the solution includes a controller, a cloud platform and web and mobile applications to connect the objects of a property. Plus a set of services to support the efforts of our partners and comfort users.

Solution provider for connected objects

Our scientific research and experimental development department has incorporated the best technology into the 2KLIC ® project. It was able to deliver the applications, the platform and the controllers needed to connect objects, properties, professionals and users.

The users are them, it's you, and it's us too.

Application developer

2KLIC ® is a multidisciplinary collaboration of software development enthusiasts.

Take advantage today of the many features that the team has already developed. Regularly you will receive updates and additions.

Controller manufacturer

2KLIC ® they are also geniuses and doctors of the electronic development.

They have succeeded in producing the next generation of controllers, equipped with powerful microprocessors, capable of supporting all electrical or electronic devices of a residential or commercial property.

Services manager

The Internet of Things is a new field of advanced technology activity.

To help you optimize your facilities, we offer training.

And to help you focus on the facilities, we also offer technical support services and remote customer service.

2 solutions for resellers and installers

Choose the type of agreement you want to have with 2KLIC ®; the solution for turnkey connected objects, ready to install tomorrow or go on a customization of the solution to match your ambitions and your brand?

Konektis ™ is the 2KLIC © connected object solution. It allows resellers to offer a turnkey solution in the shortest possible time.

  • Wall or tablet screen controller
  • Cloud platform
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Web application
  • Certified Manager Application

Contact 2KLIC © to find the distributor in your area.

White label

To suit all types of partners, 2KLIC ® offers its white label solution. You can customize all or part of the solution;

  • Wall or tablet screen controller
  • Platform for touch screen
  • Cloud platform
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Web application
  • Certified Manager Application
Certifié Z-Wave ® S2