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The Internet of Things is the partnership between professionals and users. 2KLIC ® has created its business model around this partnership with the aim of satisfying all stakeholders.

We designed a high-tech system that connects the objects of a property to its users and suppliers.

Discover a new world. It is a world connected and signed 2KLIC ®.

One solution per property

With one of the 2KLIC ® solutions, one solution, a single controller is enough to connect all electrical or electronic devices of residential or commercial property.


Install one of the 2KLIC ® solutions, in most cases it will support the devices of the existing alarm systems.

For durable, professional, trouble-free or low-battery installations, choose devices with wires.

Easy installation

Purchase devices from the market and install them by following the procedure in their manual. Most of the retail appliances are installable by the owners or administrators of the property.

For wireless installations, the Z-Wave ® communication protocol makes it possible to connect a device too far from the controller or hidden behind a concrete wall to use another intermediate device as a gateway and thus operate normally.

+2400 compatible devices

You can connect almost any low-voltage device to the analog inputs and outputs or choose from 2400 devices with a Z-Wave ® PLUS or Z-Wave ® S2 protocol.

Integrated marketplace

All homeowners and their administrators have access to a marketplace built into their property management application. This allows them to add options, order devices, and even subscribe to services.

The certified reseller can offer his own products and services. To learn more about the certification program, contact 2KLIC ® below.

Management interface

Any certified reseller has access to a management interface allowing him to automatically centralize all the properties that concern him.

In addition, he will have access to the general status in real time of these properties to possibly offer his assistance.


As a certified reseller you have access to a catalog of products and services that you can resell in your clients' marketplaces.


If you run out of time or technical expertise with the devices installed in your customers' properties, 2KLIC ® offers customer service and technical support.

Through its subsidiary of the Internet of Things ™ / ISC ™ Service Center, it will be able to support you and respond to your business and technical questions on your behalf.

Our certified resellers are mostly

Technology resellers

Building professionals




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